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Ramble On

I've encountered plenty of websites for expressing your feelings over the years but this feels more authentic. I'm not a 100% sure how to put all of my thoughts into words but I'm going to try. As my first blog post, all typical "blog" rules are out. This is more of a rambling than anything.

Lately I've been trying to spend at least fifteen minutes in either complete silence or in the sun. I could put them together but I honestly feel it would be more beneficial if I did it separately. You see, I multi-task in everything that I do. If I'm sitting there, I'm also thinking about something I have to do later on in the day, a week from now, months from now. If I'm sitting in line at a light, I'm wiping the dust off my dashboard or reorganizing the little pocket in the door to fit my chap stick, hand sanitizer and essential oil perfectly. Now, this may seem normal to you and to an extent, it is normal. Is it detrimental to our health to multi-task in everyday life? Maybe. Will it kill me to boil water for pasta while I scroll on Facebook? Probably not. But that isn't the point of this. The point is that I'm splitting my attention into two separate components. I'm letting myself listen to something as I write something else. I'm never giving one thing my one-hundred percent, undivided attention.

Can you imagine how hard it is for me to do that now? Habits are real. We see them everyday with drug addictions, nicotine, or my favorite, caffeine. After splitting my attention two plus ways for so many years, it has now become a habit to multi-task. My goal this year is to stop multi-tasking all the time. I realize that it would be futile for me to try and do this constantly, but when given the choice, I should choose not to do two things at once. It's not that hard to take more than one trip to the car for your groceries. It's not hard to stop, put down the laundry basket, pick up the fallen article of clothing, pick the basket back up and proceed on. It's not that hard to stop whatever it is that I am doing and actually look at the person talking to me. It's not that hard to sit in the car in silence.

I've noticed its an insane challenge for myself trying to get fifteen minutes of sunshine each day. I've also noticed how terrible that is. I know how to change that, well, a couple of ways I could change that:

1) Get up before 6:30am during the weekdays.

2) Pack your lunch ahead of time so you can spend your lunch break outside.

3) Put off any post-work activities until after 5:30pm.

4) Opt for hobbies that require you to be out in the sun such as gardening, walking your dogs, or bird watching.

So there you have it. Or else, how I have it. My life isn't perfect but it is pretty amazing. Although it won't kill me to multi-task or to not sit outside for 15 minutes; it also won't hurt. If anything, I might noticed a genuine difference in my mood by seeing the sky more often.

Especially since I enjoy sunsets and sunrises so much.

All in all, I appreciate you for reading my first official blog post. It truly means a lot to me.

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