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Okeechobee Yoga Group Etiquette

Can I just say how happy I am that Hurricane Irma has come and gone? I know a lot of people across South Florida that were affected by her monstrous winds and rain. Now we're all just picking up the pieces and moving forward the best way we can. One pro to all of this insanity is how much the community of Okeechobee and South Florida has come together in our time of need. I think it's always important to look on the bright side of things and this is definitely a huge, bright side.

About two weeks ago I made a blog post and talked about how the next post would be about the etiquette at the Okeechobee Yoga Group meet ups. This is especially important now that we are in a new space and have a lot of new comers. If you ever have questions about any of the following points, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. This list isn't meant to make people feel uncomfortable or guilty, just a refresher.

  • Be courteous of others around you and keep conversations low to respect the internal process of others dropping into the space.

  • Arrive a few minutes before class begins. If you do arrive late, politely prepare yourself off to the side, removing shoes and turning off cell phones.

  • If you’re a new student, please introduce yourself and fill out a waiver.

  • Due to the environment of the space, we ask that you please refrain from bringing any children under seven years of age. If this is an inconvenience for you, please speak with me directly prior to class beginning.

  • All shoes & personal belongings you will not be using should be off to the side when you first come in. Please only bring what you'll need for the practice.

  • All phones should be off or on silent mode. If you need to have your phone next to you during class in case of emergencies, please make sure it is on your mat or on top of your blanket.

  • Leave a positive blessing with your donation to support the exchange of energy between teacher and student.

  • Refrain from wearing any potent scents into the practice room.

  • If you experience pain or discomfort during any practice, please back off and notify the me immediately.

  • I ask that if you are attending that you attend the full practice and not leave before its conclusion. If for some reason you must leave, please take some time for yourself and make sure you depart the space before savasana.

  • Remember to have an open mind, smile and cultivate a safe space for you to explore your mind, body and breath.

As I stated above, if you have any questions just ask. I appreciate any and all feedback so if you think I left something out, let me know!

I hope everyone has a marvelous weekend! Don't forget to check out the Okeechobee Yoga Group Facebook page for FREE You Tube videos of yoga that you can do from the comfort of your home.



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