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Lovely Day

It's been a long time since I've posted on here and I figured, what am I waiting for? Why wait for the perfect topic to talk about? Why wait for the perfect timing? The perfect moment to post it on social media?

Why wait?

Which got me to thinking about a lot of things currently fluctuating in my life. Why wait? Why am I waiting for these moments that come just as quickly as they can go? Why can't I just move forward and MAKE things happen rather than waiting for it to make itself happen. Confusing, I know. We're not all perfect nor do I think we want to be perfect. I think we want to be satisfied. Lately, I've been lackluster in the satisfying department.

Sure, life is good. Nothing too bad, nothing too good either. That's okay. I'm relishing in this moment, this plateau. I'm hoping this flat space stays for awhile, too. 2018 has been busier than when I was working a month straight at two jobs, full time in college and managing a pretty active social life. However, with this busy season comes a lot of ideas and information for the remainder of the year. New classes, new times, more workshops, more privates and more playtime. Instead of waiting for the "right" time to make all this happening; I'm making it happen right now.

I'm looking forward to moving in this direction and not WAITING around for the perfect moment. I'm also looking forward to rainy days and spending time at home with my dogs. I hope you all have had a good 2018 so far and if not, don't fret. Sometimes we have to deal with resistance and things pushing us from what we "think" we want into what we actually need. Sometimes when things don't work out, other things do. These are all things I'm constantly reminding myself.

Be on the look out for new information regarding Yoga in Okeechobee. If you don't already, make sure to follow me on social media for more information and news on my classes.

With so much love,

Taylor xoxo

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