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Take It Easy

That phrase is something I repeat to myself on a daily basis. Life is a roller coaster ride and sometimes I get caught up in the never ending ascent and descents. I've learned something in the last few years though. I am perfect but I can improve. I can change.

Yes, folks, it is true. You can change. I don't have to deal with things as I always have. I can change the ways I receive certain information from those around me and how I perceive that particular information. We all see things differently and one person's worst day might be another person's best. Either way, you have to take it easy on yourself. We're not perfect; but then again what is perfection?

Isn't perfection relative to the person perceiving the information? Maybe my whirlwind of clothes that's been sitting in my desk chair for days now is someone's idea of putting their clothes away perfectly. Maybe you're one of those people who want to lose weight. Maybe someone out there thinks your current body type is their idea of a perfect body. But what if someone out there thinks you're already perfect? What about those people in our lives that see our imperfections as perfection? Are they wrong? No, their perception of perfection is just different from yours. But there is no such thing as perfection if we all see things differently. Have you ever tried to change someone's opinion about something they were passionate about? It's not easy. Don't be passionate about being perfect when you already are. Everything about you is perfect. Even if you don't believe it. Even if someone else doesn't believe it. Change your perception of perfection and realize that some of the things you want are already inside. It's there, just waiting for you to realize that your definition of perfection is your own to determine. Not a magazine's, significant other, family member, or stranger's idea; only you.

Now I say this but don't confuse my words about perfection as meaning there isn't room for improvement. We could all use improving in certain aspects of our lives. Meditating more, eating better, drinking more water, spending more time outside, not spending so much time on our phones, being patient; the list goes on and on. But there are certain aspects of ourselves that are perfect, that don't need improving. Remembering those parts about yourself is important. Don't let your wants shadow what you already have.

Take it easy on yourself. We're all fighting battles, inside and on the outside. Some of us are just better at putting on a facade than others. When I look out at my students during my Yoga classes, I see different facial expressions and different body types. If you take one of my classes, the phrases you'll hear me say a lot is, "that's beautiful" or "perfect, just gorgeous". Because it is. It's beautiful to see the body move into certain asanas, breathe and just be.

It's perfection to see people be in their mind, body and breath. It's perfection to see people try, push, and challenge themselves in ways they didn't think was possible. It's perfection to allow yourself to fall, to take it easy on certain postures, and to just breathe. It's perfection to know that you are perfect but can improve. It's perfection to just be. We're all humans and we all make mistakes.

If you haven't taken it easy on yourself lately, maybe today is a good day to start.


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